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Stainless Steel Surface Technology

2021-11-30 Page view : 26 views
Surface Feature Summary of Manufacturing Method Use
NO.1 Silver white matt Hot rolled to the specified thickness, on a rough, matte surface that has been annealed and dephosphorized No need for surface gloss purposes
NO.2D silver white After cold rolling, heat treatment and pickling are carried out, and sometimes the matte surface is processed by the final light rolling on the rough surface. 2D products are used for applications that do not require strict surface requirements, general materials, and deep drawing materials
NO.2B Stronger gloss than NO.2D After NO.2D treatment, the polished roller is used for the final light cold rolling to obtain a suitable gloss. This is the most commonly used surface processing, and this processing can also be used as the first step of polishing General materials
BA Bright as a mirror There is no standard, but it is usually bright annealed surface processing, with high surface reflectivity Building materials, kitchen utensils
NO.3 Rough grinding Grind NO.2D and NO.2B materials with 100~200# (unit) grinding belts Building materials, kitchen utensils
NO.4 Intermediate grinding The polished surface obtained by grinding NO.2D and NO.2B materials with 150~180# stone abrasive belts. This is a general purpose, with a mirror-reflected bright surface with visible “grains” Same as above